A Place that feels like Home

We Support the Transformation of an Orphanage into Family Apartments. The First Children Have Now Moved in.

Thanks to our employees, Ilya, a Russian boy aged 8, is now living in an orphanage that feels like home. Acting as a corporate citizen, Daiichi Sankyo Europe is supporting the transformation of an orphanage 700 kilometres northwest of Moscow. And our employees are actively involved. Their donations contribute to the new concept for orphanages. Family apartments are to replace large dormitories.

Opening Ceremony for the First Family Apartment

In October 2014 the first eight boys and girls moved into their new home. At the Opening Ceremony in the orphanage Pascale Vayer, founder of the Austrian-German charity "Little Hearts", explained why “My Family. My Hope” is about more than just remodelling: “The children are used to eating their meals in the cafeteria and sleeping in large dormitories. Now up to eight boys and girls live together in a family apartment with two qualified caregivers. One of the 'mothers' will always be around to take care of the children.” The project is based on the principles of the SOS Children's Villages.

Helping to Build a Better Future

Our social initiative to support “Little Hearts” was met with generous support among our employees throughout Europe. Their donations were matched by our company. Thanks to this financial support the new family apartment is a warm and well-equipped place with rooms for two or three children, a kitchen where meals and stories can be shared, and individual desks where students can do their homework. Pascale Vayer emphasizes: “This will help the children to live in a better environment and to have a better future.”

Support for the "Little Hearts"- Protection for the "Big Hearts"

We combine our support for "Little Hearts" with an awareness campaign to protect "Big Hearts" encouraging everyone to check their blood pressure in an effort to improve their health. Measuring your blood pressure is essential for keeping healthy hearts and preventing after-effects such as strokes and heart attacks. We at Daiichi Sankyo want to make a positive impact through a range of social initiatives in Europe – for children in need, as well as people with health risks. 50 orphans, many of them with disabilities, will profit from our long-term initiative.

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