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People Who: An online platform for the illness in everyday life

Atrial fibrillation often goes unnoticed. However, it causes irregular blood circulation which can have serious consequences if it’s not treated immediately.The most serious complication associated with atrial fibrillation is a stroke. Over the age of 50, start listening to your heart and consult your doctor straight away if symptoms appear.

People Who is an online platform with 3 services to help you live a little better with the illness in everyday life:

  • Community. Meet and speak with people affected by the same illness as you.

  • Control. Keep a record of your symptoms, medication and test results.

  • Magazine. Find atrial fibrillation related articles and stories of other patients, all
    supervised by a team of doctors.

People Who is an initiative to improve life of those who live with the illness. The atrial fibrillation section has been developed in collaboration with Daiichi Sankyo.

Check out the UK People Who Live With Atrial Fibrillation site here!

Italian: Persone che convivono con la fibrillazione atriale

German: Menschen die mit Vorhofflimmern leben

Spanish: Personas que conviven con la fibrilación auricular