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Support for Orphans with Handicap

Support for the "Little Hearts" (Kleine Herzen)

Since 2014 we at Daiichi Sankyo have supported Pascale Vayer and her organisation “Little Hearts” in bringing change to orphanages in Eastern Europe. We now received another appeal for help. In spring of 2015 Pascale Vayer visited orphanages in Ukraine to evaluate where help is especially needed.

Can you tell us more about your trip to Eastern Europe?
Pascale Vayer: Our visit to the orphanages was very moving and we came back determined to help these orphans. The caretakers we met are very dedicated people, but they do not receive the financial means to improve the living conditions in these children's homes. The orphanage in Vysokiy (Ukraine) provides shelter for 96 children between the ages of 4 to 18 with neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, handicaps after stroke as well as spinal cord injury.

Therapy for a More Active Life

The director of the orphanage has asked for equipment for a physiotherapy room. Why is this support so important?
Pascale Vayer: They care for children with handicap. Physiotherapy can support them in overcoming some of their difficulties so that they can lead a more active life.

The orphanage therefore lacks even the most basic equipment?
Pascale Vayer: Yes, there is state funding for food and lodging but no support for any kind of therapy that might be able to change the children’s perspective in life. Even simple equipment for muscle stimulation can make a big difference increasing the therapy's effectiveness.

Can you tell us more about your general impression of the situation in Ukraine?

Pascale Vayer: It was unbelievable to see such poverty only some hundred kilometres away from Vienna. The orphans are like children everywhere around the world. They long for a better life and are still optimistic despite of their current situation.

How we at Daiichi Sankyo will support the “Little Hearts”