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A Heart for Children with Heart Conditions

Support for Hospital Unit for Cardiac Surgery and Pediatric Cardiology in Senegal

In Senegal 30,000 children are waiting for cardiac surgery. Four out of five boys and girls with complex congenital heart disease will not live to see their fifth birthday. Our Daiichi Sankyo colleagues in Italy want to improve cardiac care for children in this West African nation and therefore support “Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo” in building a new hospital annex in the Senegal’s capital.

Donating Time to Give Hope

The non-profit organization - thanks to the voluntary collaboration of more than 150 surgeons, doctors and nurses from the leading Italian cardio surgical centers - operates in developing countries. The NGO and Daiichi Sankyo share a common vision: to give the hope of life to children with heart disease.

A Beacon of Hope in Senegal

A new hospital building in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, will become a beacon of hope. At the “Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Fann”, a new annex is going to provide a state-of-the-art environment for cardiological care and heart surgery. The new building with two operating theatres and an ICU unit will be will be part of the renowned university hospital – complementing the local health care services. Apart from the building activities, intensive training sessions for local staff will be part of the initiative.

Daiichi Sankyo Italy: Comprehensive Care for Patients

“For many years we at Daiichi Sankyo have supported CSR projects with a focus on sustainable development”, says Antonino Reale, Managing Director of Daiichi Sankyo Italy. „And therefore we are proud to contribute to this important project. The building will save the lives of many children and the concept as a whole is built on care – care for the young patients, their families and the contributing hospital staff.”

As children who undergo surgery will need follow-up care, a boarding home for children and accompanying parents will also be added. Antonio Reale says: “This approach perfectly represents our vision how comprehensive care for patients should look like." Thanks to contributions by Daiichi Sankyo, the new cardiac hospital building should be completed by 2017.